Christmas Market Utrecht

Despite the miserable weather Utrecht is starting to feel quite festive. Christmas markets have come to town!

From Saturday (12th December) to Sunday (13th December) lots of small stalls selling handmade or independently produced goods, as well as tons of food stands, were set up in Mariaplaats in the centre of Utrecht. So of course we decided to have a mosey around.IMG_6771IMG_6772IMG_6774IMG_6779IMG_6780IMG_6781How cute are these knitted baubles!IMG_6791IMG_6773I really love these steampunk-esq charms but like everything else there, because they are handmade or independently produced, were beyond our budget…IMG_6775These chocolates looked so good and they were gluten free, egg free, nut free, sugar free, basically everything free which made us wonder what they were made out of!IMG_6776Proffertjes are tiny pancakes that are served with icing sugar, it’s very Dutch! We would have loved to get some but we were still quite full from our lunch.IMG_6783IMG_6782This BBQ Slow Cooking Food stand smelled A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.IMG_6784IMG_6777In the middle of all the food stalls was a place to sit down and eat. There were also stalls selling mulled wine and Christmas jumpers which really made it feel festive! I really excited and can’t wait for Christmas!!!IMG_6778


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