UNICEF is one of the charities I support and here is why:

UNICEF works to protect children’s rights. Everyday millions of children face poverty, abuse, and inequality. Many children lack access to healthcare and education which many of us so readily take for granted.

I think it’s important to protect children’s rights because children are more vulnerable than adults. Also it is not the child’s fault that they were born in to their situation. I think every child deserves a fair chance at life a reasonable standard of living so that they can dream, imagine, and create a future for themselves rather than having to toil 10 hour days to make ends meet.

I am a student myself and I don’t have an income so I cannot give as much as I would like to, however I try to give what I can, when I can.

If you feel the same way and wish to help please check out: https://www.unicef.org/take-action


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