Travel Update

So in a previous post I Just Want to GO I listed my travel plans for the academic year of (sept 2015-sept 2016). Of the places listed I was able to visit the following: De Willigen Den Haag & Scheveningen Ameland (one of the Wadden Islands) Leiden Maastricht Switzerland London Belgium Copenhagen Paris Rome Croatia … More Travel Update

Italy| Roma

This post is long over due but better late than never right? This time last year I visited the eternal city, Roma. Mainly to see my friend who was doing an exchange program at LUISS Business School but also to just relax and get away from it all. Flights I took none other than easyJet. With … More Italy| Roma

Christmas Market Utrecht

Despite the miserable weather Utrecht is starting to feel quite festive. Christmas markets have come to town! From Saturday (12th December) to Sunday (13th December) lots of small stalls selling handmade or independently produced goods, as well as tons of food stands, were set up in Mariaplaats in the centre of Utrecht. So of course we decided … More Christmas Market Utrecht

I Just Want to GO

So… I am ill. I have recently been diagnosed with wanderlust. Well, okay, self-diagnosed, and okay, I know that wanderlust isn’t a real medical condition, but nevertheless my urge to travel is persistent and hard to suppress. I recently discovered this YouTube channel (which made me want to go travelling even more) called DamonAndJo. They claim … More I Just Want to GO